are marriage records public info? If so how can I find out if a guy is lying to me about being married?

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where can i find free online public records, such as birth death and marriage?

trying to find info about my father side of the family and all I have to work with is his name.

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will an arrest record 21 years old hurt my chance to become a nurse. I have a certificate of rehabilitaion.?

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Where can I find marriage records from the 1920′s?

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How can I find a marriage license record online?

It’s not mine I’m looking for. Just looking up an old friend. Have their first and last name and DOB but that’s it.

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Missouri Marriage Records?

i am looking for missouri marriage records

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Marriage Records Free?

Looking for free marriage records access, please anyone help

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Free Marriage Records?

I am in need of free marriage records
pls help

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are marriage liscenses public records?

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Winnebago County IL Clerk’s marriage records?

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When you see "suggestion of bankruptcy" on record w/the clerk of courts office what does this mean?

When you see "suggestion of bankruptcy" on record w/the clerk of courts office what does this mean? Does it mean that the person has filed bankruptcy or that they have sent a letter of intent to file bankruptcy?

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How does the rapper SPM record in jail?

Ok so the best rapper alive (SPM!) is making a new album called "The Last Chair Violionist" and I was wondering how did he make the album if he is jail?

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Would Paul McCarthy save money by hiring O.J. Simpson as a marriage counselor with a proven track record?

sunnedkist are you aware of the level of counseling O.J. is capable of?

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Do any statements from court records say Matthew Shepherd’s death was due to his sexual orientation?

I have not found any evidence to prove that he died for any reason except a drug deal gone bad in investigating every single story available about this tragedy. Why do people say it was a "hate" crime when every murder is a "hate" crime, especially that of innocent 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising’s??? I want to see the evidence, a statement from the detectives who handled the case, the District or State Attorney’s office, the College he attended, or witness or other statements in court records. Can you help me find it?
Here’s what I’ve found.
Shepard’s murder was not a hate crime, but simply a robbery gone horribly wrong.

These facts are: 1) Shepard was HIV-positive and apparently very upset and depressed about it. 2) Shepherd was a frequent user of crystal meth, and was part of a Laramie bar-and-nightlife community that was involved in meth use. 3) Shepard knew his killer, Aaron McKinney, through this drug connection before the night of the murder, and the two had been seen socializing together. 4) McKinney was an active bisexual with a history of engaging in sex with men (something he denies during the 20/20 show, but several other people insist it’s true). 5) And most important, McKinney and Russell Henderson did not kill Matthew Shepard because he was gay; instead, their attempt to rob him went terribly wrong when McKinney flew into a meth-fueled rage and beat Shepard so severely that he died.

Statements from McKinney’s girlfriend including a retraction
Also from Laramie Police Detective and County attorney’s office
All attribute motive of crime to drugs and level of violence to met amphetamine use.

McKinney’s secret sex life and proof of him being bi-sexual (three way partner reveals)
Interesting links but not anything new. Somewhere I read the girlfriend of one murderer was later charged for saying that it had any relation to a possible homosexual advance or an aversion to it because she thought he would get a lighter sentence. The point is it is a proven fact this was not a heterosexual hate crime against a homosexual and it’s time we stop getting the blame from the homosexual community for this particular crime when there is no evidence of such. There IS evidence that the homosexual community and the biasee liberal media in their pockets want you to believe a lie about the unfortunate demise of this young man for their own political purposes as one of my links reveal. His name is posted all over their gay sites full of hateful accusations that everyone who opposes their agendas must have played a role in his death. The only cure for this nazi style propoganda machine aimed at Christians mostly is to present the true unmitigated facts just as was done in court.

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