find a search tool w/ best acuratacy , track death records altered nme?

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Find Your Instant Background Report at Government Records Registry Site.

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The bass player from THIS band is hoping to release a new song that was recorded before the singers death?

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Does anyone out there know of Atheists or (their records) who repented on their death bed?

I have a few records of words of life-time atheists who repented on their death bed, as their eyes saw "angels of God" who came to collect their souls but I’d like to get more of such incidences.

An atheist does not have to believe in the God-Jesus-Angels-heaven-hell facts for him to go to hell…He will go anyway if he does not repent.Hell and heaven is not hanging on their own thoughts.Hell is real and so is heaven…and so is judgement.

Some people who almost died saw their loved ones calling them to something that looks like heaven and they think it was really their families who passed away. This is not true…

One Nigerian pastor who died and came back, says those people who appear to be your dead families on their way turn into demons who will be carrying you to hell!He says you will notice them NOT to be your dead family as you go deeper into that tunnel.

The things of the spirit realm are beyond human imaginations.

Anyone out there who have such records?
To Swing trader 9something

Not this time…I really want them.But if it does convert a few atheist I would still praise God. Hell is real you know.

Atheists will not have to have faith in God when they die, they will know for sure that Jesus is the Lord.
To Yoda Green

It is not a good idea to call men of God, including myself certain names like "morons".

My worry is that God will punish you for that…I know when that happens you will remember this message.

Children of God should not be afraid to tell the world of the severity of God.God holds those who believe in them with high esteem.

While you have not discovered the truth( ’cause you will discover it one day, you just came some few years ago and you read a few books but GOD HAS BEEN THERE FROM THE BEGINNING OF EARTH LIFE)…avoid angering the true God by showing disrespect to His children, you will get yourself in trouble.
To Steven S

If man finds it difficult to cheat or fool other men, what makes you think you will cheat God?

He has recorded your words and will use them against you in judgement.

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How does the United States keep a record of civilian deaths?

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How can you access birth/death/burial records without having to pay for some stupid geneology site??

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How many people have ever lived on earth ? (total alive + total past dead since first recorded birth/death)?

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What is the youngest recorded age in marriage?

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Does sitting in jail for an hour go on your record?

Please help me out!

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if you want to go in to the marines but you have a crimanal record but didnt do no jail time only probation?

can you still go

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complainant for murder case withdraw the charge, can they be sent out of jail? is it still a criminal record?

withdrawal of the case means that the suspect is not guitly and is he gonna be free of charge ?is it going to be a criminal record ? what are the grounds for a crime for it to be considered murder and when it is a homicide ? what is the difference ? which is grave murder or homicide? and when will it be a self defense , is it still punishable? and if the victim is not mentally stable will it make a difference?

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Can You go to america if you have a criminal record and have been to prision or jail?

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there is a $500.00 fine for class c misdemeanor, is there jail time? and is this on your record for life til?

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my son got arrested for assault with deadly weapon and vandalism he has no prior record is he going to jail?

this was his first time ever getting in trouble unfortunatly he actually didnt have a weapon it was his friend but the mistake that my son did was giving him a ride home

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I was caught shoplifting $7.50 cloth item.I have a crystal clean record so far. will I go to jail or pay fine?

this is my first offence ever. Will the judge send me to jail for this misdemanor or I will have to pay a fine or something?

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I have a Clean Record but made a stupid mistake, am I going to jail?

To make a long story short I have NEVER been in trouble before but got myself in a bad situation I was working as a store manager and became good friends w/ the DM ( my boss) during the time I worked there we started getting our check Direct Deposited and I wasn’t keeping up w/ my spending very well my account became overdrawn so when my check went into my account my NSF fees ate my check and I couldn’t pay my bills so my DM said that I could borrow the money from our petty cash fund ( money we use for supplies and change) and then pay it back, well that happened twice in a row so I borrowed to checks worth $800 and I was supposed to pay that back she didn’t want anyone else to know bc she was doing me a favor and wasn’t really supposed to let me borrow it, then there was an incident with a employee we had were $200 went missing but we couldn’t prove he took it so my DM said that everyone who worked that day had to help pay it back to avoided having to file an incident report and have an investagation well we were being audited and I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble so I took money from our deposits to put into the petty cash box basically moved money around to buy more time to pay it back but got caught before I had the chance, I am not a bad person, I do not steal but did some VERY stupid things Most of this is my own fault but I also feel like I was being poorly managed and this was my first management position…. AM I GOING TO JAIL for this??????? and what should I do??


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