im looking for free public access to California court records?

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Court Records without having to pay

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can you help me find free court records from hardin county/kenton ohio?

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I’m trying to find the court record of Stacy Bates who was convicted of insurance fraud in New Jersey in 2005

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Can I get court records for Leon County Texas, 12th judicial district or other Texas counties?

I need info on my son who is in trouble. Can I find out if he has warrants or outstanding charges? I need to know if he made his court dates. I also need to know the disposition of other cases that may have been filed against him in Harris, Leon, Limestone and Dallas Counties.

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were do I go to get Onondaga family court records unit to access information on a custody issue?

Family court of the state of New York county of Onondaga records unit County court house Syracuse NY13202

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What are the details of aSupreme court case re: phone company records cited in NSA ‘business records’ database

Re: Current news story on NSA database of all US phone calls. Legality rests on a case that allows the government to use "business records" of the phone companies. Apparently, this tactic is used in child pornography and other cases and does not rise to the privacy standards of the Fourth Amendment

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I am trying to locate software to do unlimited backgourd checks,criminal records, civil court recorts,?

private investigator software, to purchase

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I’m try to find IL public records. Where you can look up a persons court record?

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How do I get access to a UK criminal or other court records when I am not in the police force?

Someone crashed into me and was drunk — was not breathalysed and I want to know if they have a record of drink-driving

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In Canada, how can I find court records.?

Specifically 10 years ago.

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web cite for wisconsin court records?

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looking for saccounty court records?

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have you ever heard the rumor claiming "she’s calling you" was recorded from a phone call from jail?

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Can you seal marriage records from the public in Colorado, and what is the specific statute or law code?

An aquaintance claims that her marriage records are sealed by her own legal right to do so. She is a collosal leg-puller but swears that even the fact that I know the person she says she married well enough to know where he was born, what his mother’s maiden name is, of course his address and all that but also his marriage history will not help me. I laughed and told her that marriage records were always public else rich glitterati would never get "outed" but she insists. I would like to know the easiest way to track if such a marriage ever happened in Colorado, and if not, is this a blanket law in every state? Also since she is always dumbfounded when I quote chapter and verse, I would love to know the statutes that address this specifically, and if I could prove how I could access public records, it would shut her up for a while! (I love research so she throws these little challenges at me now and again. So far I win.)

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how long d you think some one will go to jail for having a gun and seconed degree robbery(no criminal record)?

in california

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