uk citizen married in LAs Vegas. How to record the marriage?

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Where can you find marriage/divorce records for Tennessee counties?

I am trying to find divorce records for counties surrounding Nashville. The state of Oklahoma has oscn that you can search by county. Does anybody know how to search for Tennessee?

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Does anyone know were to get free online marriage records for ky?

I need to check these records for april 2007 if at all possible so if anyone knows it would be so helpful. Thanks

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Is there a free website available where you can search for Marriage/Divorce records in the state of California

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Is there a FREE site that provides marriage/divorce records?

I’m just trying to see if someone was/is married and if they’ve in fact divorced as well. Any info would help.

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What is the record for the longest marriage?

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How do i find records of legal gay marriages for free?

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ho do i find marriage and divorce records free online public records?

iwent to a site before it gave me acess to public records free of charge i cant find it now i was married in las vegas nev. i live in st. louis mo. now my husband has disaperred and i was looking to see if he has filled a divorce

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does anyone know where I can get access to marriage records for free?

I’ve been with someone for 2 years and he says he’s never been married but something popped up recently and I want to find out if I can find his marriage cerficate…

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Are there any websites that let you view someones jail, arrest, records with out having to sign up and pay?

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how long does a shoplifiting charge stay on your record. No jail time never arrested?

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My son was charged for petty theft and admitted guilt on the spot. has clean record, will he go to jail?

Family is worried he may face charges if a ‘bitter’ judge handles case. Kid is college student, seeing a therapist for depression and has voluntereed non-profits.Admitts was greatest stupidity. He’s good kid.Should we seek a lawyer, or judge will let him walk after paying fine and else?

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what website can i use to check someones record that is in jail?

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Who sees the visitation records at a jail?

Can the prosecutor see?

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Is there case law on a felon living with a person w/a perfect record who owns firearms? I dont need jail time.?

I have a felony my wife has a perfect record,not a single blot. She owns 2 rifles. I don’t touch them, and she removes the firing pin, and locks them, unless she goes shooting. Am I still at risk of arrest? I need a certain answer if there is one. This is very important, please reply quickly…thanks

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