Can you seal marriage records from the public in Colorado, and what is the specific statute or law code?

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An aquaintance claims that her marriage records are sealed by her own legal right to do so. She is a collosal leg-puller but swears that even the fact that I know the person she says she married well enough to know where he was born, what his mother’s maiden name is, of course his address and all that but also his marriage history will not help me. I laughed and told her that marriage records were always public else rich glitterati would never get "outed" but she insists. I would like to know the easiest way to track if such a marriage ever happened in Colorado, and if not, is this a blanket law in every state? Also since she is always dumbfounded when I quote chapter and verse, I would love to know the statutes that address this specifically, and if I could prove how I could access public records, it would shut her up for a while! (I love research so she throws these little challenges at me now and again. So far I win.)

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how long d you think some one will go to jail for having a gun and seconed degree robbery(no criminal record)?

in california

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Will she go to jail even if it’s her first offense on her record?

My friend got caught shoplifting at Kohl’s. It was her first time and they banned her from all Kohl’s stores (obviously) and now she has a PTA for Friday. Will she go to jail if it was her first thing ever on her record? She’s 22 years old.

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No criminal record, but am I going to jail or probation and community service?

I was arrested and taken to jail for "criminal trespassing" All that really happened was i was at my old school and had already recieved a warning last year, but i went and they called security on me for being there. I got bailed out and the bond was 300$ So i wanted to know if i’ll have to go back to jail or what my punishment will be. Thanks!

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Every web site i have tried requires money even so the records are supposed to be open to the public.

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how many records are you expecting to sell after your second lp lands you directly in jail?

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how are your records after you go to jail?

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Who holds the record for most times escaping from prison or Jail?

I know serial killer Ted Bundy escaped jail twice! Anyone else?

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If I want to find out public records if some one is in jail serving probation and or, got into trouble..?

where do I go for free I dont want to pay for it lol

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can i get a job in the criminal justice field if i have a record but never been convicted or been to jail?

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How many days in jail would it take to get $680 worth of tickets off my record?

This is my first offense everyone…

& it turned into a warrant so there really is no choice. Pay or jail, right?
Yeah no license and no insurance= 2 tickets

plural :)

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Are there any other musicians that have recorded their music and albums in jail or prison through the phone?

Besides the following list:

2-Pac (R.I.P.)
Beanie Siegel
Big Boi
Big Lurch
Geronimo Pratt
La Chat
Lil Kim
Mac Dre (R.I.P)
Twisted Black

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becoming a nursing assitant if you have a jail record?

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where can i find jail records that r really free?

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How do I find out if someone has a record or was in jail free on the internet?

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