If I want to find out public records if some one is in jail serving probation and or, got into trouble..?

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Find Your Instant Background Report at Government Records Registry Site.

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where do I go for free I dont want to pay for it lol

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can i get a job in the criminal justice field if i have a record but never been convicted or been to jail?

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How many days in jail would it take to get $680 worth of tickets off my record?

This is my first offense everyone…

& it turned into a warrant so there really is no choice. Pay or jail, right?
Yeah no license and no insurance= 2 tickets

plural :)

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Are there any other musicians that have recorded their music and albums in jail or prison through the phone?

Besides the following list:

2-Pac (R.I.P.)
Beanie Siegel
Big Boi
Big Lurch
Geronimo Pratt
La Chat
Lil Kim
Mac Dre (R.I.P)
Twisted Black

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becoming a nursing assitant if you have a jail record?

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where can i find jail records that r really free?

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How do I find out if someone has a record or was in jail free on the internet?

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Where can I find free public jail records for Rhode Island?

I do not live in the state of Rhode Island.
I do not know if they have a law where jail records in that state are free?
Please, If you can help me find a actual FREE website to look up records in that state, would make a great difference.

Thank you.

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Which position am I more likely to get with a state jail felony on my record?

I’m about to start school and I am stuck between dental assistant or medical office specialist.
If I have a state jail felony (Child Abandonment w/Intent to return : my babysitter left my kids at my apt, so when I came home first the cops arrested me, the babysitter disappeared) on my record which position will be easier for me to get?
The charges will be dismissed after 5 years.

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Can I date a guy or marry a guy that has alot of misdemeanors on his record been in jail before because of?

the misdemeanors on his record. If I am going into the career of law enforcement to become a cop will it affect my odds of getting hired on? I am not getting hired on in the area he got the misdemeanors at. Could I date this guy and still have a good clean law enforcement career?

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How do rappers record in jail?

I’m not even sure if they do but if not then how do they release all of these tracks while they’re in the pen?

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My friend is in jail for father daughter incest. Can I search court records and learn what he did?

I have his profile on the Colorado Department of Corrections webpage. I know the court and the case number. Can I find out the details of his crime? He never told me because it was, of course, very serious.
Found the court report! He got a class 4 felony.

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Why is it that some excons get jobs quicker than people who do have a record but no jail time?

I know a few guys that actually did prison time, but have jobs, but I know a lot of people with a criminal background but didn’t do any jail time, and did probation but can’t get a job. I feel if you’ve paid your debt to society without spending time behind bars should preceed someone who went to jail. Not saying that they don’t deserve a second chance, but I just think that’s kinda backwards.

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Is it legal to stop and record the police during an arrest?

The police in my town are above the law. They beat people, make false arrests and cause general mayhem. I’d like to get this on tape but don’t want to be a victim as well.

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Im trying to find police records for cuyahoga county arrests?

son was arested tuesday trying to find ouy what he is charged with/

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