Could someone please access a 1891 UK census record please? I have all the info you will need to find it?

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My subscription has just run out and I’d like to know the information on this transcript if anyone would be so kind.

It is for the 1891 census and for Zillah Bartlett born in 1850 in Banbury. It should be easy to locate as when you enter Zillah Bartlett it is the only one which comes up.

I’d like to know who else was living with her in 1891. I’m aware there was a child, Caroline Mary Bartlett born 1882 but I’m not sure whose child this is. So if you could tell me the relationship I’d be grateful.

Thanks a lot,

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when legally married gay couples mark their census records as married, why will the census workers change them?

to single? To those who are legally married in states where it is now legal, and they mark the census forms under penalty of law to mark them accurately, why won’t they be counted as married?
The U.S. Census Bureau, reacting to the federal Defense of Marriage Act and similar mandates, will edit responses from same-sex couples who marry legally in California and Massachusetts for the 2010 census, changing their responses from "married" to "unmarried partner." The move has infuriated some LGBT civil-rights groups.

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Yet another question from me about census records.?

My first ?. I keep seeing RADIO SET in the records. What is it and what does it mean? I look around but I guess I am not putting in the right wording to find out what it is.

I wanted to see if anyone on here has used this website (below) and if it’s worth the $20. I just need it for a month or so. I know I could go to the library and get it for free. We have adopted a 9 week old puppy and I don’t want to leave him home alone yet. If you have used it or know someone that has, please let me know. Sometimes I wish I had never started researching my relatives. :)
Thank you.

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Finding house location from census records.?

The 1860 census doesn’t seem to have a space for the street name.
Is there any way to find out exactly which house a certain family lived in?
I’m looking at Jacob Flummer, Post Office: Somerset, Richland Township, Grant County, Indiana.
Series: M653 Roll: 261 Page 364

Thank you!

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Does a census record the total population or just the number of citizens of that country?

Is the total number of people in the country (nationals and non-nationals) or just the number of citizens of that country present recorded?

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what is a website to find u s census records?

a government sight and not a geneaology sight that wants money

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Since the upcoming US Census will recognize Same-Sex Marriages, will it record these marriages by gender?

In other words, will they be recorded as "male-male" or "female-female" unions? Or will they be listed as "same-sex" alone?

It would be interesting to know how many same-sex marriages conducted in the US would be between 2 males, and how many between 2 women.

Anyway, this question just made me curious =)

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How can I get hold of census and immigration records from Canada?

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Help with finding census records?

I have been unable to find any census records from 1850-1870 for Elias Russell Cardell. His known whereabouts are listed below:
1840- born in Brookfield, Orange County, Vermont
1850- unknown- probably still in Vermont
1860- unknown- probably in either Iowa or Vermont
1861- enlisted in Civil War- gave residence as Malcom, Poweshiek County, Iowa
1870- unknown- probably in Arkansas, Iowa, or Vermont
1873- son born in Carleton?, Arkansas

A common name variation is Cordell.

I’ve found him in later censuses, but for some reason I just cannot find him in these earlier ones! His birthplace has been listed as Vermont, Iowa, France, New York, and everything in between! I believe Vermont to be correct though.

THANK YOU for all of your help!

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How do I check someone’s public court records without paying a fee?

I know that’s right! LOL I am worse than Homer! LOL

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can a census record be wrong ?

Hi All-

I was looking up on a census record from 1900 for West Virginia for my great grandmother. I know her parents names and one of her sister’s. Is it possible for a census record to be wrong?

It does have the sister i knew about listed as well as my great grandmother but has 4 that i wasn’t aware of .

is it wrong or did i just find some aunts and uncles i didn’t know about ?

My great grandmother was Bessie Mae judy the daughter of Jacob Judy and Sarah ( i don’t know sarah’s last name ).

Bessie was born on :

Sept 15, 1894 in WVA. I also found Aug 1893 (according to the census).

Bessie Judy married Earl Tice on :

June 28, 1916 (have their marriage license)

Bessie died on Sept. 18, 1984 in East Liverpool ohio.

I have found 2 different things for jacobr:

one says he married Sarah Mead and one says Sarah Adams . how can i find out? i don’t have his birth date or parents , yet

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Can someone with look up a census record for me?

I’m looking for the 1930 Census with George Elwood Shellehamer.

he was born 1921 and died 2008.

could you please email it to me at

thank you!

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Where do I find census, birth & death records for …?

Husband and wife,
John W. Lee b: 1 FEB 1854 in Mt Vernon, Jefferson, IL &
Derusha A. Morgan McTally b: JUN 1858 in IL. ?

Can any local newspaper information be found for them in the Mr. Vernon, Il region?

Was John W. Lee a member of the Masonic lodge? I know that his son was in West Frankfort at one time.


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What do all of the headings on this census record stand for?

Thank you.

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help me find: copy/info on my 2005 Bankruptcy records?

I live in Colorado, and filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in Aug. 2005. I need a copy of the finalized records for my divorce. Where can I obtain this information?

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