A person with criminal record(sex offender) can enter or visit Philippines?

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Is Philippine law strict on that matter? what are the requirements needed?How long will this be approved?
I have a friend in Philippines, I am from US and wanted to visit her. Am i allowed to enter or visit her (for 1 week only)regarding my status having criminal record? Are they strict on that matter?. What are the requirements needed?Thank you for giving me information…Godbless


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3 Responses to A person with criminal record(sex offender) can enter or visit Philippines?

  1. hjz says:

    please tell where and which country you are applying from ?

    18.42 ……..
    which country are you from ?
    i came back to see if you gave some details on your question ? for details on his restrictions applied by the law but ? you have not come back .
    i will come back again to see if you would like to give some details in order to help you

  2. ikillforfreetoparty says:

    good luck, it’s gonna be really really hard

  3. Paul says:

    you have criminal record you say!I think is very difficult for you to enter that country! I think most of the countries! especially the problem you have made! I suggest go to embassy and ask!

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