anybody know if I can become a union electrician with misdemeanor receiving...

anybody know if I can become a union electrician with misdemeanor receiving stolen property on my record?

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I want to become a union electrician and i don’t know if I’m going to be turned down or not…hopefully i can get a response from a union electrician


  1. That should be no problem as far as the union goes. It depends on if anyone wants to hire you with a record.

  2. no, It shouldn’t even come up, most employers are only worried about felons. Unions will take whoever pays dues.

  3. it depends on the company that hires you. i am not a union electrican but i have 6 class c felonies of theft and forgery and it just depends on the person doing the hiring. only thing i can suggest is that you tell the truth. usually the application says: have you been convicted of a felony within the last 4 years. some applications don’t even have that question. it is hard, i have a college degree and it is hard to find work anywhere. good luck!

  4. I retired after 30 years in my local, I know that it is not an issue. I worked side by side with several convicted persons and I never asked any of them or cared who or what, as long as they did an honest day’s work and were honest on the job and with the co=workers. Everyone makes mistakes in their life. All we care about in the trade is doing a top quality job. The money is good, your reputation is worth more than anything you can find on the job. Be honest with the HR dept, if they ask. Most will not unless there is a reason for security purposes. In most cases our union wants members who are willing and able to do the work.
    If you are a trained Journeyman, most locals will welcome you with proof of competence. If you want to enroll as an apprentice, the state may have conditions. When in doubt, call the hall and ask questions, use discretion.

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