Are juvenile criminal records sealed in the state of Virginia?

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I have 2 felony convictions as a juvenile in Virginia (Grand LArceny and Credit Card theft), I am leaving in a week to face another Grand Larceny charge. I’m 21 now and was 15 and 16 when the other charges happened, THOSE two juvenile charges left me with two seperate suspended commitments eighteen months each. Will those come up during the trial.


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2 Responses to Are juvenile criminal records sealed in the state of Virginia?

  1. Beez says:

    They will come up if you testify. That "opens the door" as they say. Juvenile records are not public records, but can be used against you if you commit additional crimes.

  2. fr_chuck says:

    yes they will be sealed.

    Of course now you have given that info publicly and if someone reads this, they can place it together.

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