Are tape recording allowed as evidence in court?

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I was just curious as to if, you tape record someone, without thier permission, is it admissable as evidence in a criminal trial?


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6 Responses to Are tape recording allowed as evidence in court?

  1. damndirtyape212 says:

    That depends on the laws of the state you are in (check local and state ordinances)

  2. .MissChinaDoll. says:

    It depends, if you were part of that conversation and/or if it was directed at you (voice-mail message) then yes.

  3. honiebee says:

    Id say no. But then there was Nixon.

  4. JesseKay says:

    if the person was informed that they were being recorded, then its admissable, unless theres a wiretap warrant, and thats only granted in rico cases i think. but anyhow, how many people are going to say incrimnating things once they are told they are being recorded.

  5. Brian says:

    IT depends on what state and what crime. If its like a security camera type thing, then yes. Anything else and youd have to check with your state (and a lawyer)

  6. ed14790 says:

    if you live in arizona, Yes.

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