Are there any totally free ways to do background checks, people searches,...

Are there any totally free ways to do background checks, people searches, criminal/arrest records online?

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Criminal Records, Marriage & Divorce Records, Bankruptcies, Evictions, Contact Info, and more...


It seems like they all say they are free until you try to search then they want a credit card number? How do I search public records for free?


  1. Look at state and county court sites. Many have free searches, it’s not exhaustive but it’s a start.

  2. There are no free websites where they can tell u information about ppl because if it was free then the criminals could use it against ppl

  3. yes i live in nashville and all i did was go to yahoo and type in nashivlle criminal court clerk records. try putting in your city name and then criminal court clerk records. and it should say or something like that. then it should ask for the person first and last name and d.o.b and u can see what they have been charged with. free!!

  4. There are several sites out there that you can get a background check, people search, and public records.

    If you want results online, you’ll need to pay a fee, though.

    I found a site that reviews some of the popular sites.

    I’d suggest getting informed before you buy.

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