Are there any websites which provide free historical records (i.e. birth and...

Are there any websites which provide free historical records (i.e. birth and death certificates)?

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Criminal Records, Marriage & Divorce Records, Bankruptcies, Evictions, Contact Info, and more...


I’m trying to research my mother’s family in the U.S. and in Germany. I know very little info. about her family and am looking for birth and death records. certificates online. Do you know of any sites on which I can look at free copies of these things? Thanks for your help.


  1. Here are three:

    Chances of them helping you are slim, but they prove a point; such sites exist, and they are free, but there isn’t a single source. Some US Gen Web county-level sites have reams of data; some don’t. Some states have reams of data from their vital statistics department; some don’t. Some county clerks have old BMD data on-line; some don’t. Some people are in; some are not. Some newspapers archive obituaries for 7 days, some forever.

    You are much more likely to find an index than a copy of the actual certificate.

    You can Google for specific things;
    "Madison county Ohio marriage records",
    for instance. Change the county name, state name, and record type as needed

  2. There are sites that provide such records, but I think they not free, because those information are used to be confidential and private. So acquiring one will require a fee to preserved the the records.

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