arrest record in cleveland OH?

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I know that in fl you can go into the sheriffs dept. site and make an arrest inqiry, it’s public and free information. Is there a site where I can do the same in cleveland OH? or a warrant inquiry? How do I find out if someone has a warrant or the charges they where arrested for? (free) Thank you!!!


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  1. Nightrider says:

    Hello Jackie. You can go to the Justice Center on E. 3rd st to the Cuyahoga Sheriff’s Department and request a BCI check ( cost is $18), which is statewide to Ohio. This would be for YOU. If you want to run another person, you would need a consent form from that individual.

    Same thing, you can make a warrant inquiry for yourself, but if you have one active, you are going to be arrested on the spot.

    Asking about warrants in general on other people is not allowed except to law enforcement and there is no free site to view for any of the above.

    I hope this helps and you can find it useful

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