Arrested for possession of paraphernalia (weed pipe)I have a clean record.What kind of punishment could i be l?

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  • i have to go to court for possession of paraphanalia in illinois
  • 17 caught with a weed pipe and a joint what happens
  • can you go to jail for having a pipe
  • can you go to jsil if caught with a pipe
  • do city citations for posession of marijuana go on your record in illinois
  • how long of probation for having a pipe
  • how long will you be in jail for a weed pipe
  • illinois what happens if im arrested for marijuana
  • just got caught with first time dui and drug paraphanalia in illinois what happens
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6 Responses to Arrested for possession of paraphernalia (weed pipe)I have a clean record.What kind of punishment could i be l?

  1. It's That Guy says:

    I would say maybe a small fine to cover expenses, and probation for six months or a year. In fact the case might just be dropped altogether because it’s not worth their time.

  2. Nikki says:

    Probably probation but no jail time!

  3. bekahbear5933 says:

    you are going to be fined, it will more then likely be on your permanent record, and you are going to have a court day comin up.

  4. Broadway says:

    If your over 18 – how can you be arrested for this.. How do they know you dont smoke tobacco out of that pipe? Although many use that style of pipe to smoke weed – how do they know you only prefer that style of pipe to look cool around friends and that you specificaly only smoke tobacco out of it.. Ask them to prove that the inside is weed, etc…

  5. Rock Firestorm says:

    Haha. You forgot "I’m a great student and this is my first offense" which is what all you buffoons who live your life around pot who get caught write.

    Punishment won’t be bad – but the effect will. This will follow you around the rest of your life. Someday when you grow up and try to get a real job and they do a background check, this charge will show up. You’ll be working as a janitor the rest of your life.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Team building exercise '99 says:

    Check state laws at and don’t go to court without talking to a lawyer first.

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