Can a criminal record prevent you from getting a US passport?

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I have a gross misdemeanor on my record from many years ago. I have never applied for a passport, but I am wanting to go on vacation in the UK. Will my past record prevent me from obtaining a passport and/or entering the United Kingdom?


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11 Responses to Can a criminal record prevent you from getting a US passport?

  1. Aisha Hashmi says:

    I think it can! You may want to check with a lawyer

  2. shadowpricess1 says:

    I think it depends on the crime type and how long ago it was.I would ring a lawyer.

  3. bugboy says:

    It didn’t stop George W getting a passport so obviously not!

  4. poepies says:

    I don’t know. I guess it depends on what you’ve done!

  5. Rammohan says:

    Criminal record is one thing and served in a jail for criminal offense is different. If you had served forget your US dreams. We have enough of criminals already.
    In the other case you have to prove that you had not done anything wrong but falsely implicated by an actual court record.

  6. Wizzard2 says:

    Not at all, folks who have convictions have all of their rights, espcially a misdemeanor. The appliacation doesnt even ask about that Apply for the passport as soon as possible as it takes time to process it

    Have a good trip

  7. dodlydink says:

    As long as your not "wanted" and don’t have any open felonies on your record or with NCIC-you should be ok. Just double check with the authorities on your old misdemeanors-but you should be ok.

  8. dreama says:

    It really depends on if the crime was a felony or not

  9. gypsy says:

    there is a possibility that it may, however there are lots of circumstances which need to be looked at before you are denied a passport. Best bet is to check with a lawyer or even possibly contacting a clerk of court as they are qualified to help in this matter

  10. parc rosewood says:

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