can a eviction get put on my record before the court date?

can a eviction get put on my record before the court date?

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if i leave before i go to court will i have a eviction on my record??…if im not appealing will i still even have a court date? i no i will owe money still…but im 19 unempoyed NOW…an dont really have nuthing…so how will that go?…i need as much time as i can get t find another place but i dont want a evictio on my record…so if i no when the court date is i can get out before then.will there be a eviction?or what will happen?
i can go to court to get time??…that will mak me have a eviction though rite?
i want to leave here…because i dont like the way they add late fees on the 8th….i just dont want a eviction onmy record
i dont owe back from other months…i went in with my rent this month..but they refused it.
i am willing to voluntarily give up possesion…like say i get the letter with the court date in 3 weeks…ill start moving out that day…an give them the keyz


  1. No it will not show up yet. Because until a court rules you have not been evicted.

    make sure you show up in court and explain the situation. You may still lose but will be granted some time to get out.

    You cannot avoid this ending up on credit record unless you pay rent in full. All you can do is hope to delay it.

  2. Go to your local City hall and file for a counter "violation of your civil rights". This will then, extend your court date by 3- 4 months(dependings how back-up the system is). In the mean time you can look for work, or borrow, the money. When your court date is due, then judge will still ask you if you can pay the back, and current rent. If not, atleast you by that time, you should have figure out were to go.

  3. I been thru that and yes it will be on your record.
    Let the judge know you need more time. Most
    likely hes gonna give you 7 days to leave.
    As far as the money you wont have to pay.
    You have to show up no matter what.
    But than again it depends where you live.
    You can call a lawyer and ask his advice.
    Most of them will give you free advice.

  4. If your landlord has started the court procedure and you owe back-rent expect him to procede even if you leave. If you dont show you will lose by default. If you dont have see anything on the horizon to catch this up I doubt the court will grant you much more the 72 hours to leave..Try to work this out with the Landlord—I think you need to move–an eviction on your record will certainly cause problems for many years when you try to rent again. Until recently–tenants were given a lot of slack by the Courts with the Landlord footing the bill-now the Judges seem to understand the Landlords are struggling to hold their properties and tend to be more on their side.

  5. It will not show up on your credit report until after it takes place.

    Since you owe money the eviction will go on after you leave, that way the landlord can have a judgment against you, not just a bill.

    The eviction will remain on your credit report for 10 years, longer if you do not pay it right away. Once you are employed the judge may allow the landlord to garnish your wages until they are repaid what you owe.

  6. This is definitely a tricky one…

    If you leave, and give the landlord possession of the apartment (turn in your keys), the have no reason to go to court to get an eviction action against you. An eviction is a method to re-gain possession of the apartment, not the back rent…so when I’m evicting someone, I always root for them to turn in their keys so I don’t have to mess around with court. No court, though, does not mean nothing on your credit report.

    Bear this in mind: the court-eviction action WILL show up if it goes to court, it will show up in the public records section. If no judgment is rendered because the landlord didn’t go, nothing will be there.

    But many credit reporting agencies that work with landlords will follow up with the landlords, and they will put a note in there that you were evicted.

    Also, after the eviction, you are still liable for the rent until the unit is re-rented. The landlord may choose to hand that debt to a collection agency, who will note a collection on your report.

    If you are being evicted, you can rest assured that something will end up on your credit report about it. The best you can do is avoid it being placed in the "public records" section…by giving your landlord possession voluntarily.

    But, before you take ANY advice from the people here (most aren’t very good at the whole "advice" thing…even the good ones should be double checked)…TALK TO AN ATTORNEY.

  7. I have an eviction court appearance scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00 the office was closed tonight but i have the money in full. can i pay it in the morning? before the court appearance?

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