Can a secret recording of a conversation be use in civil court?

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I live in North Carolina….


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5 Responses to Can a secret recording of a conversation be use in civil court?

  1. says:

    .Call the attorney Generals office. or call the state prosecutors office and ask.

  2. cute angel says:

    may be not sure..!!!!!

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  3. true2myknowlage says:

    It will be thrown out due to privacy laws unless you stated to the person they where being recorded. Only the government get away with this.

    you have to plea its all the evidence you could get ,,,and it has to be the nail in the coffin.

  4. laughter_every_day says:

    Generally yes. Phone calls are different. But there is no general rule admitting or excluding tape recordings. It depends on what you are trying to prove, and how to prove it, and whether you can authenticate the tape and all the other general evidence rules.

  5. Xpress says:


    Can be a powerful tool when combine with some other physical evidences, but might not be the case whenever use it as a stand-alone evidence in a civil court case.


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