Can anyone tell me how to get to an online obituary/death record...

Can anyone tell me how to get to an online obituary/death record that you don’t have to subscribe to to see?

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I’m looking for a certain "Aaron Greene", but not just him. I want to see his death records. I need to find a website you don’t have to subscribe to or pay for to see where he lived, how old he was, when he died, how he died, and where he died. Relatives, friends… Things like that. Or just the way he died. If anyone could help me, it would be SERIOUSLY appreciated. I’ve spent a full 7 hours looking for a website like that… Please help.


  1. in yahoo log in to :Death records…But i doubt that it will tell you HOW THE PERSON DIED…It just has a list of names and their birth date.

  2. Social Security Death Index would tell you where and when but I don’t think you’ll get death records on any site. However, you may be able to obtain a death cert with the social security # if you contact the county where they died. In any case the attached link might be useful. Sorry it’s all I can think of.

  3. and you can only get so much without paying but there are groups in the area that your looking that will help…..oh go to the Latter Day saints site the genealogist do it free there.

  4. the key is WHEN AND WHERE.
    SOME states have older death certificates online. Most are restricted for security reasons, to prevent id theft. If older than 25 yrs, you may find Texas ones at (I have been having a field day with those).
    If it is more recent.. then the likelihood is that you (1) have to qualify as family member and (2) it is not going to be online, and it will not be free. These are goverment records, but that does not translate to free or online.
    Obits are a completely different ball game. Those are published in local newspapers. Is "his" newspaper online? Can’t answer that.. you need place and date, again. There is no guarantee that the paper is online, or that their online archives include the date you want. SOME persons do not even have obits anymore, or they are "one liner" notices.
    What you are having the issue with, is looking for a Walmart of death records. It is not out there. Be explicit, and google "Alabama death certificate" or "Baltimore newspaper".
    You also can edit your question (or repost) with the details. Some news databases have a subscription, and someone MIGHT be able to run it down for you.

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