Can I become a police officer with an arrest record?

Can I become a police officer with an arrest record?

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I was arrested 3years ago for tampering with a witness and battery. I didn’t do any of that. Now I pleaded nolo contendere taking the advise of my incompetent public defender. Any way I did probation paid my fines and my record was sealed but I still have an arrest record. Would that make it difficult to become a police officer?


  1. it would be beyond difficult…more in the realms of no chance……………especially with the charge being witness tampering…………..hardly a good sign for some one going into the force. regardless of if you did it YOU did plead and you was found guilty along with doing probation and paying fines.

    Honestly think your chances are slim to none.

  2. Nope, your application would be rejected immediately with those charges on your record and your guilty plea

  3. Steve,

    Minor crimes are one thing but witness tampering will exclude you as a police candidate indefinately.

  4. i don’t know in America, but if you was in the UK im sorry but you would have no chance

  5. There is a way but it will be a long devious journey. First of all you are going to have to write a letter to the Governor of your state asking for a complete pardon. This will be like the crime committed never happened but the only way a Governor would grant you such a thing is for you to submit proof of your innocence which will require the need for a competent attorney.

  6. off course why not,,,the one that dont have it in our crimefighting force just have not been caught yet

  7. Tampering with a witness and battery are pretty serious. No Police Agency I know would ever hire you when so many people today are applying with spotless backgrounds and are still getting denied.

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