Can I get a job in healthcare if I have an arrest record?

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I’m a college student studying to work in an allied health field. About a year ago, I was arrested for public lewdness, a class A misdemeanor. I was put on probation and given deferred adjudication. I finished the terms, and was told that I would not receive a conviction on my record, just a record of the arrest. I do not have to register with the sex offender registry. (It was a wrong place at the wrong time kinda deal), anyway, will this prevent me from getting a job in the field I’m studying for?


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5 Responses to Can I get a job in healthcare if I have an arrest record?

  1. jeanora says:

    wether u get the job or not, u aint gunna b my doctor

  2. Boo2U says:

    Not necessarily. You were not convicted of a felony. And some places cannot look at arrest records prior to hiring.

  3. brian says:

    well they will know about your arrest and more then likely they wil bring it up in an interview

  4. Patches6 says:

    You should check your record for "just an arrest". I would to get satisfaction study legal field and work for an attorney…lol. medical transcription would be a plus for legal transcription…What field were you thinking of? It is always best to be upfront with an employer…I did interviewing for temp agency and the company says what degree of criminal activity they will accept…We accepted DUI, did not want assaults because of working close to each other…You may have to push for an interview and I do mean push by calling several times and talking to supervisor…

  5. sidekick says:

    they can give a background check with your permission as part of the hiring process, depend ind on the employees conditions for employment, health care usually does.

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