can I receive a real estate license if I have a felony...

can I receive a real estate license if I have a felony on my criminal record?

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  1. That is a tricky one. You should probably ask that of the licensing board. I know nurses with felonies can be licensed, so why not realtors?(after prescribed rehab)

  2. Probably not, but why would you want to? To find out for sure in your state, phone in to the real estate licensure board and ask them to mail you an application form. Read it over. Let’s just suppose that there is no question that asks about a criminal record, but there is a question that looks like you’re freeing up that information if you fill it out. Call back in and ask, "why do you need my S.S. number on the application?" They’ll tell you why. But there is so much opportunity out there in this great U.S. of A. that DOESN’T depend on some twenty-three-year-old data entry clerk bringing up your past to you. Go to your local BOOKSTORE and spend time in the Business And Money Management section. The world is changing so fast, opportunities are available today that were inconceivable even ten years ago, and generally ARE NOT found in well-entrenched industries like real estate brokerage, where you have to have six months’ savings in the bank, minimum, to tide you over before you MIGHT begin earning an income as a rookie, competing head-to-head against the heavy hitters! The real income in real estate is found when you BUY, not when you sell. Look for a bargain-priced property and buy it. The best price is found with a motivated seller. One great source of motivated sellers is county tax claim bureaus. Many of them have an annual auction. Sometimes the upset price on a house or a lot, is only a few hundred dollars. Add that to 2% of the fair market value, and by the end of the day of the auction you just might have the bargain property you need to get started earning SOME money in real estate. There are no shortcuts. Looking for one? Stop looking. Instead, gather information. No "check on Friday" mentality if you want to make money in real estate. A good book to read is Rich Dad’s Guide To Real Estate Investing.

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