Can I still become a teacher with an arrest on my record?

Can I still become a teacher with an arrest on my record?

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last year I was arrested after getting into a domestic violence dispute with my ex husband. I hate that it happened however, I make no regrets about defending myself. I called the police first, because I was hit first. He calls the police as well, he gets interviewed first, story sounds believable, then I am arrested by a female officer. Why? because of physical evidence on his face. Anyway, I am in school beginning my junior year as a teacher. My heart has always been in teaching and working with children since I have been employed. It’s all that I know. I am by no means a horrible person. This was my only and will be my only arrest. I hate tjat this incident happened but I cannot take it back. Can I stilll become a teacher with this or should I just go ahead and change majors while I can?


  1. Domestic Violence on a woman???? WOW you have to DO someting tocatch that charge as a woman.

    Not for my children…..sorry.

  2. Teachers are needed so badly that it seems unlikely this would get in the way of your being hired somewhere. But then, I’m not a lawyer, and the laws are different in every state.

  3. An arrest is not a bar to a professional license. Multiple arrests should not be a bar to a professional license (I’m talking about your teaching certificate here.)

    Convictions are another story. If no charges were filed, or if the case was dismissed, or if you were tried and found not guilty, you’re good. If you were convicted, you will find it very difficult to find work in that field.

    When asked about this when you apply for work, you’ll probably have to disclose this. Assuming you were not convicted, you should, of course, present very emphatically that you were not guilty and the legal systems agrees with that.

  4. What was the disposition of the case? Were you found guilt, innocent, what? But most states are getting a lot more strict about personal behavior, thanks to some high profile pedophiles. You may want to check with an attorney. But i would suggest you minor is something else just in case.

  5. I have almost the same experience where I called the police about someone attacking me, I leave then two hours later the police show up and talk to the other guy (my dad) then come and arrest me. They told me “he has a black eye how can you explain this? Am I supposed to believe he did it to himself?” I was like I don’t know he must of because I didn’t give him one. “Well we got pictures”. After I was arrested I saw the picture. The “black eye” was a slight red mark on the side of his face that could come from anything. I really feel ashamed of the conduct of a lot of police officers.

    Also the only thing on my record and now from 10 years ago and I’m also going to school for teaching. It depends on the state. I wasn’t found guilty because I did a plea bargain in which adjudication was withheld so I can have it sealed from my record. However when I tried to join the army they considered the fact that I did probation for it as being the same as admitting guilt, despite the fact it is in court record that before I made the plea I specifically stated that I was not guilty and would not admit guilt and that if I had to admit guilt in order to take the plea I would not do it. Yet somehow they consider that I admitted guilt.

    Board of education says I will have to go before them and explain the situation and get a waiver before I can teach, though it should not be a problem given the mitigating circumstances. The main factor here is that it happened so long ago and I have no other arrests or anything. If it is recent it might weight against you a lot more.

    It’s the same thing with getting it sealed from the record. Generally they want 10 years or more to go by (and not being found guilty) before it can be sealed.

  6. tip: my so called “public defender” told me to plea out and said that if the cops arrested me the judge will assume I’m guilty. When I was arrested the cop told me by law he must arrest someone and that I’m guilty. Basically if you are too poor for a lawyer everyone will lie to you and try to screw you over and get you caught up in the legal system. Don’t take any pleas! Demand a speedy trial (you have to file a motion for this) and ask for a trial by jury. Don’t let the public defender manipulate you if you have one. A good lawyer would have the case dismissed if you have money. That is assuming its similar to my situation where there was no real evidence and I called the cops and reported the incident.

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