can ne1 help me find my grandmothers death and birth records without...

can ne1 help me find my grandmothers death and birth records without me having to pay money for it?

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ok sooooooo i need to find my great grandmother her name is doris barta she is dead and i am trying to find her cemetery records death record and her obituary i did not get the chance to meet this wonderful woman so i hope i can find her online and read about her if u guys have ne online places that i would not have to pay to find these records can u leave them so i might b able to find her please that you for all your help


  1. Any information pre www access is in a form that has to be acquired, scanned and uploaded to the world wide web. Do you know her date of death? Place of death? Is Barta her married name or maiden name? date of birth? There are websites where volunteers audit cemeteries and post names online. (free) Free) click on state then county she died in. (free)

    Her obit might be in a newspaper but it has to be one that has been uploaded to the web for year she died and are usually not free to view unless death occurred in last 7 days, older are put in archives and not free to see. Your local library might have a Historical Newspaper subscription to use as well as to help you find what you want.

    If you can’t find what you want online then order her death certificate and it will have the name of the funeral home and cemetery she was interred in. With an exact data of death contact the county library she lived and ask if they will look up, in past local newspapers, her obit and what the fees are. I have been ask to pay copy fees and send a SASE envelope, I have had to just mail in a small donation and I have been told to call the local Genealogy/Historical Society.

    The state of MO has scanned death certificates online 1910-1958 at (free) has some death indexes and certificate images. (free)

    Ancestry just added NC canned death certificates 1909 to 1975. (fee)

  2. Iz she 1 f ths? Wrt bck n i’ll try 4 u.

    1. Doris BARTA – U.S. Social Security Death Index
    Birth: 3 Jan 1918 State Where Number was Issued: Iowa Death: Dec 1979

    2. Doris BARTA – U.S. Social Security Death Index
    Birth: 23 Jul 1934 State Where Number was Issued: North Dakota Death: 31 May 1993

    3. Doris BARTA – U.S. Social Security Death Index
    Birth: 7 Jul 1908 State Where Number was Issued: Oregon Death: 22 Nov 2001

    4. Doris BARTA – U.S. Social Security Death Index
    Birth: 24 Dec 1936 State Where Number was Issued: California Death: 20 Jul 2006

  3. Go to the town or city hall where she died and ask about getting a death cert. Or go to that states health dept. or vital statistics web site. Each state has laws on when and who can obtain birth and death records. Once you get her dod from her death cert. you can go to the library and look up her obituary. Your great grandma’s history is not online! The internet is not that magical.

  4. I have subscription to Ancestry… if u have more info I may be able to help…. also depending upon her death, u may want to try legacy.

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