can police record your conversations if you are in jail?

can police record your conversations if you are in jail?

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i heard it was legal for police to record conversations of inmates unless it was between the inmate and his autorney, his priest or his doctor. is that true? also, do you know a court case where this was disputed?
im doing a report and this is an issue. i need to have a case that the supreme court tried to back this up. do you guys know any cases? i’ve been looking all over the internet and my book doesn’t have this info.
ok so i now know that this is legal. now can someone please give me a case where this issue was disputed


  1. No anything you say can ans will be used against you in a court of law.. They can tape you while you are giving your statements, but once in there custody anything you say they can use against you.

  2. yes, a police officer can do that. However, I don’t know of any case that which it was disputed.

  3. You have no expectation of privacy in jail. When you are there if you look around you will see cameras everywhere. There are also signs warning that you are being recorded.

    Usually if one party knows about the recording then it is okay. Usually if one person is aware of the recording then it is okay. See:
    United States v. White
    Lopez v. United States
    So if an officer (undercover or otherwise) is talking to someone and recording the conversation it is okay.

    However, it would not be acceptable to record the lawyer talking to his prisoner client.

  4. They CAN record you. You don’t really have a choice and if you decide not to talk, its considered not cooperating, that can just get you in more trouble. Although, when they first pick you up, you can decide to not tell them anything. I would recomend keeping your mouth shut.

    You can ask for a lawyer. If you ask for one, they have to stop asking you questions and get you one. Its your right as an american citizen.

  5. it is true so no one plans to escape and they listen in on calls too. when a person is incarcerated they do not have rights. i do not know of any disputed cases.

  6. I would think that they listen in, why wouldn’t they. I personally think that its wrong too do that. My best advise is don’t be discusing something you don’t want others knowing or hearing.

  7. Only if you’re a leader of a gang or something to do with drugs and terrorist activities.If you’re a petty thief or on minor offences,i dont think they will waste their time.

  8. Sounds about right. When you are a convict, you lose many of your rights. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    Only a lowlife of a lawyer would try to defend a convicted felon, for confessing to another crime.

  9. Yes, they can do whatever they want. It is their jail. They even record private phone calls in your HOME if they think you are guilty.
    Watch court TV.
    Not a lawyer, so don’t know of a particular case.
    Hope you are not doing something you are not supposed to be doing.

  10. The only time it’s legal for police to record you in jail or anywhere else is with your permission and your knowledge – at least here in the UK. As I’ve said before when people ask legal questions, it’s important to state which country/state you’re talking about as different laws apply depending on where you mean And no, I don’t know of a court case this was disputed because I don’t think it’s arisen. Phone tapping is another issue altogether, of course. Same with being recorded on CCTV. Technically under the data protection act, you are entitled to see any film/video which has your image on it if you supply details of where and when you were caught on it and something distinctive about it for them to look for but in reality, even that sometimes doesn’t produce results.

  11. With a Priest, Attorney No a doctor Yes, as well as with guards and other inmates. Medical information is all a Doctor needs to hold in confidence

    There is no reasonable expectation of privacy while in Jail.

    Quite frankly….if you don’t want to be recorded….Stay out of jail and don’t do anything that you would be ashamed of.

  12. I think they can.Don’t forget about the snitch or CI that you may spill your guts to and he may turn around and cut a deal for himself. They have also put someone in a cell w/ a defendant and set them up to confess to their cell mate.

  13. If you are in jail all of your conversations made on the jail phones will typically be recorded. There is typically a recorded message at the beginning of the call telling both parties to the call that the call is subject to monitoring or recording. If you call your attorney, priest, or doctor on this phone the call will still be recorded, however it can not be used against you unless it is alleged that the attorney, doctor, or priest is involved in criminal activity with you.

    Jail visits that are conducted over a TV monitor and phone are typically capable of being recorded, however privileged visits such as from your attorney and priest will not be recorded. Most conversations between inmates in the cell block may legally be recorded also.

  14. they can record your conversations,
    i dont know of any court cases like that sorry
    you can try going to the police statio and asking they know things like that.

  15. i think it’s legal. which kinda makes sense, if they need to find out what really happened i think we can all agree that they should do it to make sure they keep right people off our streets

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