Can someone audio record another without their knowledge and use it in court?

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Is it legal? This was not a recording that the police made. Can it get thrown out in court? Does the law on this subject very by state?
This is in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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7 Responses to Can someone audio record another without their knowledge and use it in court?


    No you can’t, but you can take as many pictures as you want to.

  2. tikababy says:

    The law does vary from state to state and if they are using it as proof they may be able to use it.

  3. Danny says:

    It depends on what state you are in.

  4. emmasnw says:

    The law varies from state to state, some require one person consent, while others require both parties consenting. Of course if a crime is involved and they have a search warrant for wire tapping its legal.

  5. Michael M says:

    By law,at least one party has to be told they are being recorded.
    there are 12 states that require all parties be told they are being recorded.

  6. Mudi says:

    NO! It does not vary.

  7. Slander says:

    You call someone they say hello then you start questioning them or get them to talk to you knowing what your doing is wrong,then try to use it against them without any reasoin,be careful you may be the one getting locked up. Misdemeanor,civil lawsuits and jail time for you. They can get you for slander and sue you for court and attorney cost if it goes further. I say dont do it it can be used against you instead of them. Entrapment also. Dont try to be a investigator your no lawyer. Good luck to ya.

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