Can someone go on jury duty if they have a minor criminal record?

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It isn’t for me I was just curious.


  • can you be a juror with a criminal record
  • arrest records of jurors
  • do you get picked for jury duty if you have a crimianl background
  • Do you have to serve on a jury in texas if you have a criminal record
  • if i have comitted a crime would i still be called for jury service
  • if picked for jury duty do they question if you have any crimal record
  • juror criminal record
  • to be a juror do you have to have a clean record
  • will i serve jury duty if i was arrested
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10 Responses to Can someone go on jury duty if they have a minor criminal record?

  1. MonsterMash says:

    Yes, only a felony offense will bar someone from the opportunity to participate in jury duty. They should be happy to have you, since most people avoid jury duty like the plague.

  2. coragryph says:

    Yes. However, during the jury selection process, a number of questions will be asked. If your personal background would like either party to think you would not be objective for that particular case, you may be excused.

  3. jayleites says:

    Felons are usually excluded from jury duty.

  4. mulligan's 1st mate says:

    Depends on record. Felons can not serve. If they send summons for jury, you must appear but most D.A.s will
    not keep someone with criminal offense for jury.

  5. fr_chuck says:

    yes you may, but either atttorney may ask you to be dismissed if they beleive that will cause a problem.

  6. goldengirl says:

    yes..more than likely depending on the selection questions this could come up and you could or not be selected

  7. big bad momma says:

    only convicted felons can not serve as long as you tell them when you report and don’t owe any time

  8. Moupai L says:


  9. Sue D says:

    no , !

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