Can you get a battery removed from your arrest record?

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I was unfairly arrested for domestic battery against my wife{ I did not HIT HER AT ALL) by a police officer who has a bias opinion against my family, I never met this officer until the day i was arrested but she knew me by my name. I have never been arrested before that and ive never since. The prosecutor through the case out and did not press charges. Now its been over 2 years and I REALLY need to get it expunged. Is it possible to do that? Also, I am planning on pursuing law school in January, will this arrest prevent me from being able to become an attorney? Sentencing never happened! I was never even arrained, There was never a trial at all, I have never been found guilty of this crime, Ive only been arrested for it.

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  1. Brandon says:

    Yes you can

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