Can you go to college if you have a felony charge on...

Can you go to college if you have a felony charge on your criminal record?

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  1. Sure you can. Some college will try to screw you over by one or more methods. Just do not bring it up. Ask a lawyer to help you find a college so you can attend therefore have a positive status achievement in your life.

  2. I dont recall any applications ever asking about criminal records, and ive been to almost every type of college there is.

    I guess, they would never know unless you told them

  3. Don’t worry about it ! Many on college campuses are lawbreakers, { drugs and underage booze } consumed at MOST college parties, most woman are advised to be escorted to the dorms at night, not to walk alone because of the ever present threat of being sexually assaulted by some drunk frat brat boy past midnight, and COUNTLESS male and female STUDENTS CHEAT on exams and plagerize papers – – – if you had criminal experience you WILL fit right in with the majority of law breakers on campus !

  4. Well, there’s no law that precludes you from going to college and I don’t know if there are any questions on the application about criminal records. Give it a try. Why don’t you see if there are any colleges near you that have their applications on line so you know what your up against. Is there any way that you can get your record expunged. You must have been young when this happened. Talk to an attorney.

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