Can you pull someones criminal records online for free???

Best answer:

Find Your Instant Background Report at Government Records Registry Site.

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If so what site?


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  • o pull up someones record
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8 Responses to Can you pull someones criminal records online for free???

  1. Bella says:

    You cant get them for free…. you have to pay

  2. vanamont7 says:

    I don’t know but if you wait long enough, there’ll be precious little you won’t be able to do on the net!

  3. Rondi says:

    nope you got to pay for it

  4. Taffney says:

    it’s a free site see what you can pull up there for a start.

  5. brat71825 says:

    not that I know of….you have to pay

  6. rabcarr5 says:

    There is a fee for this service. I don’t think its very much though.

  7. wasJustHonest says:

    Looking for a new prospect in a boyfriend?
    I’m wild and crazy, but I’ve never had a record.

  8. nascarchick66 says:


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