Caught shoplifting–Is it on my record if I didn’t get a ticket...

Caught shoplifting–Is it on my record if I didn’t get a ticket and wasn’t arrested?

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OK I know I’m stupid, specially this being my 2nd offense. I have learned my lesson, I know I should of 1st time but I obviously wasn’t thinking and am extremely ashamed, guilty, and embarresed!! But anyways I was caught shoplifting at walmart. I didn’t have my ID so the cops had to come to check who i was. I told them I had a 2nd offense, went to court, paid my fine. However they did not find it on my record even though I know its still there!!! Because I only stole 20$ worth they couldn’t prosecute me with no other convictions. The police took down all my info. I wasn’t arrested or given a ticket. Just had to sign a lifetime ban and pay a fine to walmart.

So is this 2nd offense on my record??? Or just on walmarts record??
It was at 2 different stores in 2 different states


  1. You paid a fine to wal mart?

    Odd, how can a private business assess a fine?

    Anyways, go and check your own criminal record to see if these criminal charges have been applied.

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