Checking his record…Federal Inmate?

Checking his record…Federal Inmate?

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How can I check a Federal inmates criminal convictions……?
First, if you dont have an intelligent answer please dont respond. Im here to get information on the valiadity of a federal inmate conviction. Are there any known sites where you can check the criminal history ( to see what they did) for Federal inmates, not State inmates. Dont tell me to ask him his crimes becasue he has already told me. I want to see that he was accurate about the crime he commited for myself. An inmate will tell you anything. I visited the BOP website and it gives only name, bday,age,color, and institution, doesnt say anything about the actual crime committed. I want to find out for certain this mans past before I continue to talk with him. Any suggested sites?? or how I may go about getting his access to his criminal record. I thought all of this was public records? funny I cant find squat on him., a newspaper clipping,etc something. I know he did something or he wouldnt be locked up…LOL


  1. Whatever he is in jail for now is recorded at the court where he was convicted. Ask where he went to trial and get a copy of the indictment and the final adjudication. Understand this, it is more likely than not that this is not the first time this individual has been charged. You will only find out about his current charges. If he wants to be completely honest with you, he can set you a copy of his presentence report. It should list all of his criminal history and talk about the specifics of the current charges. Presentence investigation reports are confidential. The only way that you can get a copy is if he gives a copy to you himself.

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