Criminal Record and Crossing the Boarder?

Criminal Record and Crossing the Boarder?

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A person with a criminal record would like to leave the US and move to canada, how can they clear their name to make the move to canada? Is it Possible? Can they cross the boarder?


  1. You very seldom need a passport to go into Canada. If you have served your time for your crimes, I doubt anything would happen, but Canada might have a hard time letting you live or work there.

  2. Very soon a passport will be a requirement to cross the Canadian Border. I’ve know of some people with relatively minor charges (for example a 3rd degree assault charge from 10 yrs ago) who’ve been turned away. This person had not been in trouble before that or since that.I was in the car with them when they got turned away. Guess it depends on who’s "manning the gate"

  3. my husband had a DUI in his wild younger days and he cant` get into canada, he has to have his fingerprints taken, get areport from the fbi and then mayce within a year canada will let him go in. screw them, we gave up on ever going to canada anyway. like the us just fine, theres good fishing and stuck-ups weirdos here too

  4. I can tell you that if you have a criminal record of any kind on either side of the border, it will prevent you from going into the other country. BOTH Canada and the USA are equal in not allowing people into their countries if you have so much as a DUI or a shoplifting charge from when you were a teenager! I see some Americans on here scoffing that Canada is so bad to not let you in for something as minor as a DUI – I can tell you, it works BOTH WAYS equally. The requirements of both countries are the SAME. Canada is NOT harsher in this aspect then the USA – they are the SAME.

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