Death records for 1960’s..?

Death records for 1960’s..?

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I want to learn more about the woman I was named after she’s my aunt but she pasted away when she was very young how would I be able to find the death record online? I searched for it and it only has deaths up until 1950 something and I need it for the 60’s so.. help?
I don’t want my parents to know I’m interested in it because its a difficult thing for my dad to talk about.


  1. It may not be on line. Records that recent usually aren’t. you could request a copy for genealogical purposes from the country where she died. or if you leave near it go to the court house and ask how you would look at a death record from that period. If you know where she is buried, you could go to the cemetery office and ask to see their records you would have to take good notes about the documents but it would be as good as a copy of the document if you keep a records of where you got the information.

  2. It is possibly not on a database online, so you either need to obtain a paper copy from the registrar or look and see if there are any obituaries from localnewspapers online about it………even with the death certificate you may not find out very much about the person themselves

  3. There is a free Social Security death record online. Google Social Security Death Index. From there, do a genealogical search with what you know.

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