do i need to claim a criminal charge/arrest that has been expunged...

do i need to claim a criminal charge/arrest that has been expunged from my record?

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so, i had this BS alcohol related arrest from a couple of years ago. i participated in ADP, and subsequently the charge was expunged from my record. i’m now applying to grad school and was wondering if it’s necessary for me to list the arrest on my application. i’ve left it off of job apps before, but i feel a larger organization, i.e. the school i’m applying to is more likely to check these things…

so my main question is, is there a way they can see this if i leave it off, or is it completly off of my record?
ok great, i know it doesn’t appear in public records files… i checked that in college after finding a website where you could see people’s mugshots, and it would’ve automatically cleared from my record after 7 years anyway.

p.s. i’m thoroughly enjoying all the ppl admonishing me for my drinking ticket, i am a pretty hardened criminal… thank you for helping me fully realize just what a badass i actually am


  1. Nope. If it has been legally expunged, you are FREE of it forever. Forget it and move on, sweetie :)

  2. Yes they will find out! this is why you dont do these types of things period cause they will mess up your life!

  3. no, i had a theft expunged and always failed to claim that on job apps and everything else and it never came up. if it is expunged, then it no longer exists.

    p.s: if you really feel like you need to make sure, you can get online and look up court records for the place that this occured. they are public records that can be viewed by anyone instantly for free. i looked up mine and actually, i looked them up for my parents and stuff just to be nosy :P…
    just google the court website for the county that you got cited in.

  4. That is why you got an expungement my dear, to have it wiped off your record. No need to admit to such a thing. Good luck!

  5. If it’s off your record, it’s off your record.

    However, you may want to tell the grad school about it just to cover your butt. If they find out about it and you didn’t tell them, it will probably hurt you more than telling them about it.

    Besides, nowadays, they’ve probably heard worse.

  6. ex·punge –verb (used with object)
    1. to strike or blot out; erase; obliterate.
    2. to efface; wipe out or destroy.

    Looks like you’re in the clear.

  7. I’m somewhat sure that it is completely off your record. But you might want to check the law for your state.

  8. depending on how bad it was, it can still be on your record. When you apply for a job after college, and they do a backround check, it’ll still be there. I don’t think they do backround checks for school, though. They just want to know what high school you went to, and what your transcript says, what your GPA is, and how you’re going to pay to go to school. After school, though, you’ll have to do a security clearance to get a nice job. They check that stuff, so… I don’t really know too much of what they have to do about it.

  9. For the record – any infraction hasn’t disappeared due to expunction. It means that the records are sealed – that means details cannot be released – doesn’t mean there isn’t a case file with your name on it. While I understand your desire to remain private, bottom line is be honest. Better to get it all out there than hide something that COULD be discovered later. If still in doubt – run it past a lawyer rather than the internet savvy. It’s better to play it safe than fear the outcome.

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