does a criminal record prevent me from getting a passport?

does a criminal record prevent me from getting a passport?

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  1. No, but be careful when entering back into the country if you aren’t a u.s. citizen. They will detain you. Anyone who comes back even if they legally live in the U.S. and has a criminal record will be detained…
    I don’t know the circumstances for U.S. citizens, but they may give you a hard time.

  2. Yes it may depending on the crime committed and when. You can look into getting a pardon if the crime was done some years ago.

  3. A criminal record does not prevent you from getting a passport. However, should you require to travel somewhere where you require a visa for entry, depending on the offence may depend on the approval of your visa or not. You will need to check this with the embassy of the country you wish to visit.

    Good luck!

  4. doesn’t stop you getting a passport but some country’s may refuse you a visa (IE America if you have drug charges)

  5. I think it could depend on the crime. Also, if you were still on probation for a crime you probably could not have a passport. Also there are many other things that can lead to denial/revocation of a passport that many people aren’t aware of, such as unpaid child support.

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