Does a urination in public charge stay on my record forever and...

Does a urination in public charge stay on my record forever and am i put on the sex offenders list?

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  1. I don’t know if it stays on your record, but I can promise you that you will not be on the sex offenders list for that. So don’t worry! You have to actually commit a sex crime against a person to be classified as a sex offender.

  2. Although it wasn’t my proudest moment, I was also charged with peeing in public. Twice in fact. Even though I was a young drunk kid at the time, (approx. 20 years ago) it’s still on my record as "public indecency". That sounds worse than it really is. To the best of my knowledge it is not an offense that will put you on some watch list. It has nothing to do with sex in any way. For me it was just a matter of drinking to much beer, and having no restrooms around. In fact in both cases nobody actually saw me peeing. They just saw me standing behind a bush, and asked me what I was doing. In me drunken stupidity I’d say "peeing, what the hell do ya think I’m doing?"

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