Does an arrest count as a criminal record?

Does an arrest count as a criminal record?

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Hello, I’m trying to enlist in the Air Force. I have a GED at 17 and was wondering, I’ve been arrested, but nothing ever happened and no charges were filed. I was a minor for everything that happened. My recruiter says he can’t do anything, but would an arrest really affect anything? They’re all misdemeanors (only 2). I contacted the courthouses and juvie, and they said they have no records of me. Anyone know?


  1. Only two arrests? Guess what, most NORMAL people don’t have ANY.

    The AF won’t talk with you counting that and being a high school dropout.

  2. It could. But, most recruiters will not waste their time until you have or are just about to complete the 15 semester hours needed to get into the AF with a GED. With no college, the AF will not even look at you.

  3. strike one is the fact that you do not have a HS diploma. without one you need at least 15 100 level college credits as well.

    the arrest is held against you and there is no such thing as dismissed, expunged or sealed to the military.

    the AF especially will not even think about working with you.

  4. The GED is a bigger show stopper. Unless youy get 15 college credits, don’t bother applying. GED’s are not accepted. And does an arrest count as a criminal record? Well I don’t skippy, what do you think? Yes, it absolutely counts.

    @Plum Crazy – When was the last time you actually checked the regulations or guidelines of entering service? You haven’t been able to join as a flunky and get your GED while in service since the 70’s. You cannot join ANY branch of the military with just a GED at this point. They are a bit pickier when you went through, if you went through. With only a GED in hand, you get nothing. You must accompany that with 15 level 100 or higher college credits. A GED is NOT the same as a HS diploma. It shows you couldn’t cut it, you didn’t have the staying power, you take the easy way out, whatever… It will not gain you entry into the service. You are 100% incorrect.

  5. They are only concerned about Felony arrest. If you were never charged for some thing, there should be no record of it that can be checked or verified. Been there for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, there is only a record if some one presses charges and you end up in court over it. In your situation they would not find any record of it, like it never happened. A GED is the same thing as a High School Diploma, but just a different way of ding it. You have to be 18 to join the Military Service. Reserves is a totally different story. I have no idea where these other answers are getting there information from. You can join the military and get your GED while in the service.

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