Does anyone know how to search for obituaries or death records w/o a credit card or "free trial" …………

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i need to find out about my grandma whom i never met and she commited suicide in 1974 Claudia mae stanton in either portland, Oregon or Oregon City, Oregon I want to get any info but have had no luck searching for ever now


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4 Responses to Does anyone know how to search for obituaries or death records w/o a credit card or "free trial" …………

  1. AngryAmerican82 says:

    Try this Social Security Death Index, it might help you find what you’re looking for.

  2. Katryoshka says:

    You might use this site as a tool in your search:

  3. newyorkgal71 says:

    Go to the public library. The librarian can help you find the death records.

  4. Ted Pack says:

    There is no Claudia Stanton on the subscription data base I looked at for you. These are the only Claudias and Stantons on Oregon Death Index, 1903-98 who died in 1974:

    (Name, death date, county, certificate)

    Becker, Claudia Dol 16 Oct 1974 Douglas 74-15542
    Fenton, Claudia Jean 2 Nov 1974 Washington 74-18429
    Hardin, Claudia M 5 Sep 1974 Clackamas 74-13603
    Maddox, Claudia Jean 2 Nov 1974 Washington 74-18429
    Powell, Claudia Mae 15 Jul 1974 Marion 74-10979
    Schuler, Claudia Lee 13 Jun 1974 Polk 74-09860
    Worsham, Claudia 18 Mar 1974 Multnomah 74-04541
    Yraguen, Claudia 21 Jul 1974 Douglas 74-10465

    Stanton, Albert Ear 20 Mar 1974 Multnomah 74-04577
    Stanton, Doris Bal 19 Nov 1974 Jackson 74-17299
    Stanton, Theodore J 25 Dec 1974 Douglas 74-18855
    Stanton, Winifred May 7 Mar 1974 Lane 74-03883

    If your grandmother married another time after Mr. Stanton, she might be one of the other Claudias. If "Claudia" wasn’t her real name she might be one of the other Stantons. If you have the wrong year, none of these are her. (There are no Claudia Stantons, for any year, on the whole data base).

    She might just have slipped off the index, too.

    The SSDI,
    has a Claudia Stanton b. 1942, d. Jan 1974 in unknown, whose SSN was issued in New Jersey. The other three died outside of Oregon.

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