Does getting arrested go on your record? Or do you have to be convicted of the crime?

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  • does being arrested go on your record
  • will being arrested go on my criminal record
  • once you get arrrsted does it automaticallygo on your record
  • what is it called when your charged but it will not go on your record
  • when does a crime go on your background record
  • when does a crime go on your record
  • when does arrest goes into your record
  • when does something go on tour record
  • when the police arrested you does it goes in your record?
  • when u get arrested does it autmatically go on your background or when u get sentenced
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6 Responses to Does getting arrested go on your record? Or do you have to be convicted of the crime?

  1. remowlms says:

    Yes, that is always on your record (unless it happened before you were 18, then the record is sealed).

  2. fangtaiyang says:

    An arrest is recorded. This is not a public record however. A conviction necomes a criminal record, but arrested and released or aquitted is recorded somewhere.

  3. fro says:

    Yes. That’s why its called an arrest record. You don’t have to convicted of the crime. You can have the record expunged for a fee by a lawyer. No big deal.

  4. SpiderMan says:

    It’s normally on record. Ask or look up how long it will take to expire, but this depends on where you live and if there’s a law about its disposal.

    If you’re a minor, the records may be sealed. Or if the offence is really minor, there may not be one.

  5. .. .this can't be good says:

    Yes, it will follow you everyday for the rest or your life. Don’t be fooled by the attorney who tells you it can be expunged for a fee. This, too, is just a way of taking your money. It cannot be expunged from police records. An arrest is not public record anyway, so all they are doing is expunging the public record, and you don’t have one. Even if it’s expunged any law enforcement in the country will be able to see it on your record. It won’t show up for employment screenings and the like, but the police will always hold it against you.

  6. SHAY says:

    yes when you are arrested it goes on your criminal record

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