Does having a felony arrest on your record (charges were dropped) prevent someone from getting a DOD clearance

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4 Responses to Does having a felony arrest on your record (charges were dropped) prevent someone from getting a DOD clearance

  1. Bill H says:

    It could. Depends what you say on your interview, and what they "discover". Also depends on why it was dropped.

  2. m1a1mikegolf says:

    It all depends.

    How long ago.
    What the charges were for.
    The circumstances.
    If you have any other legal issues.

    The adjudicators will judge you on the ‘whole person’ concept and attempt decide what your future behavior is likely to be.

  3. wammyt says:

    If you were dismissed by the court or the arresting police dept., dropped the charges, the arrest record is non-existant. Anyway an arrest record isn’t public record like if you were a felon, the answer is no.

  4. carmeliasue says:

    No, it does NOT. My hubby was arrested for a felony and actually faced a jury trial where he was found "not guilty" on all charges. Two months later he applied for a job that requires a DOD security clearance and got both the job and the clearance necessary. He still has the same job now, 8 years later.

    Now if he had been ‘guilty’ then there is no way he could of have gotten the clearance. They did check and make sure of the charges and the outcome. If the charges had been dropped then they would of have found out why, like if if was a lack of evidence or if it wasn’t worth taking into court. All that CAN have a impact on their decision as well.

    EDIT: WAMMYT- Sorry but you are wrong. There is a arrest record EVEN if charges are dropped. The arrest record does state the outcome to include ‘charges dropped’. Better re-read your book on that subject.

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