does your juvenile arrest record get expunged after you turn 18?

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Im 17. Or does it stay with you forever and can be seen?


  • does a juevenille recored stay with you after you turn 18 in kansas
  • does juvenile records stay with you for life
  • does your record get closed when you turn 18?
  • if you get arressted at 17 does it effect you forever
  • if you have a junivenal mistomor record can you get that expundged and still work for the government
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2 Responses to does your juvenile arrest record get expunged after you turn 18?

  1. Possum says:

    It is sealed and can’t be seen by most people. Courts and federal agencies will be able to see it though.

  2. bill j says:

    The courts claim that your record will be expunged when you turn 18. This doesn’t mean it is erased. The courts and police keep permanent records of juvenile arrest and convictions. They claim your records are sealed and only visible by court order. But in reality all cops and prosecutors have easy access to your records. The only person involved in your legal affairs who must get a court order to see your juvenile records is your defense attorney. Usually he is granted access. If you have enough money to pay him to fight through the courts.

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