Employment background check and arrest record?

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I just got an conditional offer for a job today if i pass the background check! I am wondering if an arrest that i had 3 yeras ago and which was a petty theft but it was dissmissed however it will still show even though was dissmised ( i dont understand why ) would that have any effect on their decission and can they cancel the offer! Thank you so much in advance!
p.s. the position is account rep for hr consulting firm


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2 Responses to Employment background check and arrest record?

  1. lukes.trucking says:

    Having worked in the nuclear industrie for many years we had to go through back ground checks . Most companys that do the checks will not report a case dissmissed to the employer unless it was a felony case ..And even then they are likely to contact you first to get the details of the case prior to raising red flags to the employer …The employer has the rite to cancel the offer anytime ! but its unlikely they would as long as you can answer any questions they have if this does come up

  2. backgrounds003 says:

    We are a background screening company, http://www.crimcheck.com and the case that you are speaking of should not be reported to your potential employer. You have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act that provide protection to you when it comes to non-convictions. It is actually in violation of the FCRA for that case to be utilized in a decision regarding your employment, therefore most agencies will not provide it to the employer. i would not worry about this, in fact, you do not have to disclose this non conviction.

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