federal arrest records?

federal arrest records?

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I want to look up someones federal arrest case. They already have been incarcerated. I know that this is available for free but cant seem to find the federal site for it. Please help. Thanks
I looked up that pacer site but it appears to cost money and take a credit card. I heard there was a site that didnt require either
The FBOP site only tells you that they are incarcerated and until when. It dont show the records, or when they started their time, nor does it show there actual charges. Where might i find that. The court house is a long ways from where i am


  1. I do not think there is such a site for free. All sites I have tried have been for a charge. I could be wrong. Good luck.

  2. If they have already been convicted and in Federal Prison, you can go to the Federal BOP web site and look them up in thier system

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