getting a bankruptcy off your credit record!?

getting a bankruptcy off your credit record!?

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I am trying to figure out how long it takes a bankruptsy to get off your record. I have read and heard it takes 7-10 years, but is there an actual time frame before it leaves your credit report? Or is there a way after 7 years goes by with no problems you can ask to have it removed??
by the way, im talking about a chapter 7 bankruptsy which was filed in 3/2000 and discharged in July of 2000


  1. any debt not discharged can be updated and stay on your report forever… with any credit history, the current history will speak volumes, BK’S for medical debt’s are normally understandable, debt dodgers get less consideration…..good luck

  2. Bankruptcy can stay on your credit for a very long time and I have heard that it is a paint to get it off. if you call a professional bankruptcy lawyer they can answer those questions for you easily enough and its free. check out

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