Hi, Do I need to disclose an expunged misdemeanor record arrest to an airline job application?.?

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They’re doing a FBI background check. I also done a FBI background check and from my state Bureau of investigation and it came of as " NO RECORD " 10 months ago.

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4 Responses to Hi, Do I need to disclose an expunged misdemeanor record arrest to an airline job application?.?

  1. justme says:

    No. If it was expunged, it is as if it never existed.

  2. tattoo980927 says:

    No, because technically you were not arrested if it was expunged. That mean while it did happen, according to the law it did not. Even if it did show up, you would provide the necessary documentation to show it was expunged.

    That is also the reason for the juvenile justice system. We do not arrest children, we detain them. Juveniles are also not charged, convicted, or sentanced either. It is all a play on words. That way, when they are adults, they can say they were never arrested, and not be a liar.

    Same in your case. Physically, it seems you were arrested. But, it has been removed from you record. Much like an annulment. Someone was physically married, but if it is annuled, then it "never happened".

  3. Starla_C says:

    Expimged records are wiped out. You do not need to report it.

  4. Kevin k says:

    Most employers are only concerned with felonies. If it is expunged from your record, you need not disclose it. If you are asked about it, answer truthfully, but otherwise it remains your decision whether or not to talk about it.

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