How can I check my own criminal record for free? (CA)?

How can I check my own criminal record for free? (CA)?

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While searching this site, I found this answer to a similar question. Worked out great. Thanks to Jaydragon, and to the one person who gave me a straight answer (also a good answer). To the sparty pants: I had a failure to appear once, largely due to clarical error and just wanted to make sure it was gone. Thanks again to those who tried to be helpful.

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Most states will not post criminal backgrounds unless they pertain to a sex offender or if the person is on probation and/or parole.
However most local police departments will respond to questions about someone if you have a legimate…your custody battle.
Also,your attorney can access many state records pertaining to this.
Their are sites that are free where you can check many different things on a person…by state or county…even federal records.
Try this site…its all free…

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  1. go to your county’s website and they are required to post any information that has gone through the court system. You should be able to search by entering your full name

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