how can i find a free death record on my uncle?

how can i find a free death record on my uncle?

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Thank you, Steve. Actually, I only want to find out the exact date of his death – I don’t want a copy of the certificate. I know it was in 1997, but that’s all I know. Again, thank you.
Eleph, Thank you! I found exactly what I needed!!! Thank you so much!!


  1. You are speaking of a death certificate. All states I have dealt with have a charge for a copy for one. Getting one free is asking for a pack of gum free. However, you can’t steal the death certificate.

    Also, there may be a restriction on who can gain access to it.

    Locate the agency in your state to obtain it through google, and be prepared to pay for it.

  2. If all that you want is to see it in print and not get a real OFFICIAL Certificate
    then you could try they have a Social Security Death Index and if he had a Social Security Number he will be there.

  3. If you know where he was when he died, which funeral home handled the arangements, you could obtain a copy of the obit online from either the newspaper or funeral home.

  4. Hi I was having the same problem, so I changed the way I looked to family trees and found this website
    This site actualy is free you just have to download something and I found who I was looking for it had thier birth date, date of death, the cemetery, and all thier family members.

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