how can i find court records for free?

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a friend of mine is in prison in florida and i have not had any contact with him and would like to what exactly he did.

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  1. HVAC Man says:

    Depending on the state… You can look the person up on the State Prisons website… I know Minnesota has one, where all you have to do is type in the last name, and everyone with that last name shows up, and it says what they got convicted for.

    Yeah a site like this

    Good Luck

  2. sfinva says:

    Go onto the state of Flordia website. Put in DOC for the search. Then look for inmate locator – usually there will be a section that says nam (first, last) and will give you the public record on where your friend is. Than go to the court section and type in the name and it will give you the case number and offense. Good Luck!

  3. snowmen1976 says:

    You might want to try looking up the circuit court website for Florida. That is how I find out things about people in wisconsin.

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