how can I find out information of a great grandfather to see...

how can I find out information of a great grandfather to see if he had a criminal record?

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There is a rumor that my great grandfather may have been in either in jail or prison. This would of been back in 1930s to the 1940’s sometime. He has been deceased since the 1970’s. Does anyone know where I can get information to see if the rumor is true? He would of been in a different state or down state from me now if he was.


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  3. A very easy way of checking this would be to contact the area jail where he was believed to be held, then simply ask. They may ask you to proved proof of desendency (like birth record, and so on). I know the town that I am in will proved genealogist with jail records if just asked!

  4. Court proceedings and jail sentences are a part of the public record. There may be a privacy period during which only family members are given information, but if it happened and his record was not expunged, then you should be able to find the records at the courthouse.

    Surviving relatives may be able to tell you where he and his family was staying during that time. To verify his address you can check with the local library for the city directory during that time period. City directories should be located in the reference section. Local newspapers will likely have news items relating to court cases as well.

    Good luck.

  5. it is possible to find the information you want through court records of the time period. you could also check the census record the 1930 is the last one available he may be listed as a resident of the to relatives and find out the area that he lived in this will give you a area to start with the best way to do genealogy is to start with you and work back that way you would know where the people lived in your family.and write down where you found your information from that way if you need to go back and check something you can.

  6. Okay, I have to ask, what is your great grandfather’s name? Because your dates match with my great grandfather, and that just freaks me out a little bit. I know his children spread all over the place, so, what is his name?

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