How can I find out someone’s criminal history or court records?

How can I find out someone’s criminal history or court records?

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If I am curious whether or not someone has a criminal history, how can I find out what their criminal history is? Can I find their court records somehow?


  1. You can pay bucks to have someone do it for you or you can go to the courthouse(s) and look them up yourself.

  2. court records are PUBLIC info,, you can go to the county court house where the person lives and get the information there( only if the person had a criminal record in that certain county)
    Some court records are sealed ( they can only be sealed by court order after a trial or what ever ), then U may have a problem obtaining those,,

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  3. There are NO reliable sights on the Internet to access anyone’s accurate criminal record. Any that claim they do are scams and are just sucking cash out of people to provide them links to public records.

    OK, here is what you need:

    Call your state’s State Attorney Generals Office. They can tell you the process in your state as to how to obtain an official Criminal History Report. This is the complete and official FBI’s NCIC (National Crime Information Center) that lists a persons every single adult arrest and charge disposition everywhere in the United States. These reports are not free, but it is only a very small administrative charge given to the Law Enforcement agency who runs and prints it for you.

    Next, you could pay to get at least one credit bureau report from one of the big three credit bureaus. This can be use to see the persons financial history, which can tell you a lot about them. You can see prior addresses and what they owe and to whom and where.

    With the above two documents, you can do your own search of public government records in the towns and states where they live. You can check county tax records, Clerk of Court records and local police / sheriff records just to name a few.

    Or, you can contact a local Private Investigator and pay them to obtain all of this information for you. You will pay much more as they will add fee’s on to do the leg work for you.
    So, do not believe any site on the net. They are just scams. Not a single one of them is tied into any official government data base as only authorized government agencies have access to this information.

    And no site out there can give instant access to all of this info. It will take some of your own detective work to do it, or, as I said…. hire a P.I. Agency to assist you.

    One last note….. Juvenile arrests or cases are never public record so you will not find anything on them.

  4. I go to my counnty website. Doesn’t give you everything but you’d be surprised at what you can find out.

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