How can I find out the cause of death? Is there a...

How can I find out the cause of death? Is there a website? Public records?

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A friend of mine passed away about 10 days ago. I’m afraid she may have overdosed or committed suicide, so I don’t want to ask the family. How can I find out her cause of death?


  1. check the County’s corners web site. This is probably protected personal information though. (privacy laws and all that)

  2. The death certificate will become public record. I don’t know how long it takes, but you can call your local county courthouse and ask someone in the records department. They should be able to tell you when the death certificate will be on file and whether you can just look at a copy or if you have to purchase a copy.

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  3. there are housands causes of death around the world-
    you can find out the cause of theath of that girl king her parents.doctors, etc. etc. etc.

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