how can i find past home records and if anything happened in this house such as deaths etc.?

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im wondering if any events occurred in the past of this house how can i find out if anything DID happen plzz help??!!


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4 Responses to how can i find past home records and if anything happened in this house such as deaths etc.?

  1. curtisports2 says:

    By doing your own research through local police and media reports of homicides, you may find out about homicides that took place inside a particular house. But for people that died inside a house from natural causes such as illness, accident or old age, there isn’t going to be any reliable way to find out. You can try looking at death certificates that may be on file in your municipal clerk’s office, but trust me, I’ve seen many death certificates that were either incomplete or factually inaccurate.

    If this is for a piece of property that you’re thinking about buying or renting, I am not aware of any laws that require a seller or landlord to disclose this type ofinformation.

  2. estielmo says:

    Check the newspapers. Ask the neighbors.

  3. appygirl says:

    talk to neighbors. research old papers. court house records.

  4. godged says:

    Curtis is right on here.

    California is the only state I am aware of that requires that if a death occurred inside the house within 3 years, that it be disclosed to the buyer.

    It takes alot of man hours to research the history of a house, no website exists that I know of that is doing this, especially not for free. Some houses of notorious ownership may have the history of a house on line, but not it’s definately not the norm.

    The only things I know you can get is the ownership history from the tax assessor’s office and any building permits that were issued from your local permits office.

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