How can I find records on my grandfather’s death?

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Hi, my maternal grandfather, a Vietnam veteran named Charles Hopper, committed suicide when my mother was around 12 years old way before I was born between 1979-1983. I need to know if there any websites that have obituary archives from this time. Thanks

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  1. Tabi says:

    Go to the local library. They have obits. And they’re not hard to get to, either.

  2. wendy c says:

    Your mother was born in (fill in the year) and would be 12 in (fill in the year). Charles probably died in (fill in the state).
    There are too many Charles Hoppers in the ssdi, and I am trying to find his exact date for you. With that, you have something to find his social security file, the possible location of his death certificate and other details.

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