How can I get a TOTALLY FREE death record?

How can I get a TOTALLY FREE death record?

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I want to know how my dad died, he died when I was 12 back then the hospitals didn’t have to see you if you didn’t have insurance, so he ended up in a different one, that Dr said the other one could’ve saved him. My mom SAID the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him, so I have no idea how he died. He died 2 weeks before he turned 30. This was 18 years ago.
Thanks I didnt think about telling where he died.
It was Cobb Parkway in Cobb County,Georgia – The hospital is now Cobb Wellstar – same hospital just changed their name.


  1. You need to tell us where he died. You can add Additional Details to your question via Edit on the action bar under your question.

    I am in England, but I do know that each American State has different rules, and that the records available vary depending on the county. It would probably help to know the name of the hospital as well. I don’t know if you would be able to find out anything from the hospital – depends on local legislation re confidentiality.

    If the doctors were not able to find out what was wrong with him before he died, there would have been a post mortem (autopsy) to establish cause of death. Your mother should have been provided with a copy of the death record (I presume this is similar to a death certificate in the UK).

    I doubt you can get a death record totally free, but I expect the American genealogists will be able to give you a definitive answer when you have provided location details.

    Am so sorry to hear that he could have been saved – such tragedies occur here also, despite the existence of the National Health Service.

  2. By the statement "how my dad died" you mean, what on a death certificate, is a ’cause of death’, then the only place to get that information is his death certificate which is ordered from the county he died in and they are never free.
    Now Ancestry has a GA Death Index that lists 7 males age 29 that died in Cobb County in 1991, one died in Cobb but lived in Cherokee County. That is all the information you will get from a recent (under 50 yr) state death index is name, age, date of death, county of death and some have residence county like GA.

    With a death certificate you might be able to find out if his medical records are available and what you have to do or if you can get copies, again it will probably be copy costs.

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