How can I get access to court records online, for free, using...

How can I get access to court records online, for free, using the case number?

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My husband was given a case number by his ex-wife’s lawyer. They just got done with an adoption case (her new husband adopted their (her and my husband) daughter. Turns out, through investigation, it’s the case number for the child support order, which he has never seen but paid. The only way she was able to get support from him was the fact they were still legally married at the time of the child’s birth. (she left him for another man after getting pregnant). We have also found out that there is no proof of paternity in ANY of the courts files. They have him as the "putative father". So, we would like to know what’s all in that order. Also, he didn’t sign the birth certificate. Any help is good help to find the truth. Thanks.
btw: no sites that require payment please.


  1. Difficult to answer without identifying the locality.

    Sometimes you just have to go down in person, worth the trouble if it’s important.

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